Peter Benjamin Parker (also known simply as Peter Parker) aka Spider-Man is a character portrayed by Tom Holland for Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland's portrayal is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Early LifeEdit

Peter Parker lives with his Aunt May in Queens, New York and attends Midtown School of Science and Technology. One day, Peter was bitten by a genetically-altered spider, resulting in him obtaining spider-like abilities. After the death of his uncle, he decided to fight crime in the streets of New York City, calling himself Spider-Man. Peter still kept a low profile, to keep his secret identity safe.

Captain America: Civil WarEdit

Eventually Peter's actions started gaining attention from the general public, with footage posted on YouTube. His activities caught the attention of Tony Stark (Iron Man). After arriving home from school, he mentions to his aunt about a strange car parked outside the apartment. He finally notices that he and his aunt had a famous visitor, Tony Stark himself. Peter completely confused and speechless to see him there when Stark tells his aunt that Stark Industries was planning on giving Peter a grant that Start arranges for gifted students. This was a motive by Stark in order to meet Peter. Peter went along with the plan Stark fabricated until leading Stark to his bedroom to speak in private. Stark then shows him footage of him as Spider-Man, fighting crime in the streets of New York City. Peter pretends to be shocked and acts confused by Stark claims. Stark catches him out when he finds Peter's hiding place for his costume, which he begins to ridicule but was impressed by the web-shooters that Parker made himself.

Peter reveals the reason for trying to help stop crime, due to a tragic event that happened in his past. Stark decides to invite Peter to Germany, with Peter declining he can't go because he has homework. Stark jokingly said he would tell his aunt about his secret identity, which causes Peter to web Stark's hand next to the doorknob. He decides to take Stark's offer and helped him out of the webbing.

At Tony Stark's command, Peter, appearing as Spider-Man, shows up in a new improved suit and stealing Captain America's shield and webbing his hands. Upon seeing Captain America, Peter becomes distracted and calls him the Captain his hero. While awaiting orders from Stark, he was surprised by Ant-Man who managed to sneak atop the shield and and attack him, which resulted in Ant-Man returning the shield back to Captain America. The fight between superheroes ensued. Stark ordered Peter keep his distance and to just web Captain America and his companions seeing as he didn't want to hurt them.

He started to follow Falcon and Winter Soldier, chasing them through the airport terminal by crawling along the outside of the windows. He then smashes through the window and knocks over Falcon before turning to apprehend the Winter Soldier. He stopped a punch from the Winter Soldier before being distracted again by the Winter Soldier's metal arm.

After webbing Falcon, Peter gets distracted yet again by Falcon's wings. The Winter Soldier tried to intervene but was also webbed by Peter. However Peter was snatched away by Falcon's drone Redwing.

Afterwards he rejoined his team to face of Captain America's team. During an altercation with Captain America, the Captain forced him to hold up a platform, being impressed by Peter's strength. Peter and the Captain both had a mutual respect to one another.

When Ant-Man became giant, Peter mentions to his teammates if they saw that really old movie (The Empire Strikes Back), using the film as a strategy to defeat a large Ant-Man. He webbed up Ant-Man's up to his knees, making him lose his balance. Ant-Man finally fell over after Iron Man and War Machine hits him against the helmet at full speed. While falling over, Ant-Man hits Peter over knocking him unconscious for a short while.

After the fight, Tony went to check on Peter to see if he was okay. He tells Peter that he was done and should go home, threatening him to call his Aunt May if he didn't. After returning back home, his aunt asks him how he ended up getting a black eye, while Peter was inspecting his new web shooters. Peter hides them when his aunt comes back into his room handing him an ice pack. He tells her a guy named Steve (Captain America) and his huge friend (Ant-Man) caused his injuries. After she left his room, Peter continued inspecting his web-shooters before a red beam suddenly emitted from one of the web-shooters, projecting a Spider signal on his ceiling.

Spider-Man: HomecomingEdit



  • Tom Holland and his Pilgrimage co-star Jon Bernthal made audition tapes together, which lead to Holland landing the role of Spider-Man and Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher for the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil.
  • Holland also co-starred alongside Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Holland is the fourth actor to portray the character of Spider-Man in a live adaptation, with the other three actors being Nicholas Hammond, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.
  • It is reported that Holland will portray the role for Spider-Man for at least six films [1]


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